Doug Fesler Scholarship Fund

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Doug Fesler was a gifted songwriter who wrote over 80 songs. The last songs he recorded are included on this page to share his gift, and to be used as part of the application process. Listen to the songs listed and choose the one that moved or inspired you the most.

STEP 1 - Listen and Choose a Song

01 Copperhead Jack and Maggie

02 This Time

03 Miss Smart

04 I Got Song

05 Uncle Alibi

06 Sweet Savanah's Wine

07 Bettin' Man

08 Diamonds

09 It's Love

10 Lola from Nola

11 Muddy Waters

12 Underneath the Moon

STEP 2 - Complete Application Form

You can download the application here or complete the application below. Applicatons are due by April 18 the year of each school.